Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm sorry, I miss you - 30 Days Of Blogging

It's been too long...

To be fair, I have 4 kids...

They consume my whole life but this blog is about that and I am determined to update it regularly so back to the 30 days of blogging challenge!


Because who doesn't like a good hastag??

OK seriously,  here are some updates if you haven't been keeping up with Facebook.

*Ryan will be 6 months old this Friday!
*He does NOT sleep through the night
*We are still dealing with reflux
*He is crawling!
*Evan turned 3
*Darien got a promotion and we are moving!
*Yes, we are moving!!
*I like food
*My niece turned 1! (I just love her :))
*We are putting down new floors in our house
*We officially have rented out our house and the new tenants move in November 15th
*I love wine
*We are moving to Asheville, NC
*We have yet to find a house there yet
*I need a bigger wine glass
*I really don't drink as much as I say I would like to
*Are you tired of the bullet points yet?
*I have packed approximately 4 boxes
*I am very very tired

Ok that's enough, caught up now?

We are very excited about the move but also kinda sad.  Most of my family lives in our current town and it will be sad to leave them but this is also a grand adventure for our family of 6 and who doesn't love the mountains!  I am so excited about camping and hiking!!  This makes me a great mom of boys.  The boys and I are not officially moving until school gets out for Christmas so in the time between when we have to be out of the house and the time the boys get out of school we will be taking over my moms house which I know she is just thrilled about. :) 

I am ready for December mostly because all of the changes are very stressful and I will be thrilled to be settled and our family back together.  This is Dariens last week of work at his current position which I am sure is bittersweet for him.  Next week starts more serious packing and I need to get my butt in gear.

For now I will take it one day at a time.  :) 

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