Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stitch Fix - Round 2

I love you Stitch Fix.

You really make shopping so much easier and I get so excited to see what surprises you have for me in that box on my front porch.  This box had so many positives and I totally almost kept all of it but regretfully I had to send some things back.  

This first picture is a lovely black and grey shirt which I added a tank under.  You can't tell from the photo but it's pretty see through without the tank.  I did keep this and I really loved the slight angle at the bottom.

Ugh this dress...  I tried so hard to find a way to keep it but it was just not super flattering.  The scarf helped but I didn't want to keep it and always have to add the scarf.  The lines at the top made my large chest look even bigger and there wasn't much definition in my waist which made me look much heavier than I am.

I ended up keeping this shirt although I couldn't get a picture of it that looked good.  Everytime I raised my arm it hung differently which isn't a very accurate representation of how it actually fit.  

Maybe I need a selfies stick...

This last picture is of 2 items, the blazer and the bracelet.  I kept the bracelet and returned the blazer.  I liked the fit of the blazer but I just couldn't see myself wearing it that often to make it worth the purchase.  However I loved the bracelet and I almost told my stylist not to send me anymore jewelry after the last time.  Thankfully I didn't because the silver and gold go with everything!

I am looking forward to my next fix and hopefully keeping all 5 items and getting the extra 20% off!  

Until next time!