Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Reason We Drink

Have you ever had one of those days.  You know the one, where everything seems to be screaming "YOU'ARE FAILING!"??  Yea, you know the ones I am talking about.  The days when the baby has explosive diapers, he doesn't take a nap, and proceeds to cry all day long.  The days when you wake up and know its going to be a good day only to find a toilet overflowing, the light bulb is out in the kitchen, the dog pooped on the carpet and a certain 1 year old is playing in it....

I could go on but you get the point.  It's in those days that I just pray for 6 o'clock when my husband walks through the door and I can spend 5 blissful moments sipping a glass of wine while I peacefully cook dinner.  Did you get that, 5 minutes....

After those 5 minutes, the dog needs to go out, kids need mom for everything, and my husband has disappeared.  While there is nothing better than being a mom it is truly the most exhausting job you will ever have.  You cook, clean, make sure homework is done, change diapers, and worry every step of the way if you are screwing up.  No matter how together you are, we all have those days. 

This is why we drink.  Not because we are all raging alcoholics but because by the time evening rolls around we need just a small pick me up to get us to the next day. 

Wine, you beautiful thing you!

Do we actually "need" the wine?  No, but it's not really a need.  It's a want, it's one thing that is ours, not the kids!  Every time one of my boys asks me what I'm drinking, I always respond with "It's wine and is only for mommy" because lets face it, we share EVERYTHING with our children.  I cannot pee alone, or shower, dress, clean, cry, eat chocolate.  The list is endless. 

I love my kids, they are a blessing but mommy needs her wine.