Tuesday, April 8, 2014

37 Weeks! - Officially Full Term!!!

37 weeks!!!!

We made it!!!

It's finally and officially full term! 

Baby can come any time now!

OK taking a step back off my excitement train.  Yes, we are full term, yes if labor begins there is no stopping it, BUT and please remember this...

Baby could still be weeks away and yes I mean 3 to 5 weeks away.  We have made it this far, don't give up now!  My first two babies should signs of coming since 30 weeks but these last two have been crazy quiet.  I have had absolutely no contractions and do not feel like this baby will be coming out anytime soon.  There are things you can try but if your body isn't ready then they won't work so just use these last few weeks to enjoy the alone time or the time special time with your kids before the new arrival takes up most of your time and energy.

So now that we have established that we are full term and could be pregnant still for several more weeks let's talk about what's going on with baby!  Baby is about 19 inches long and a little over 6 lbs, possibly more.  My app says he or she is the size of a leek...  certainly do not agree with this one however!  The weight is similar to a small watermelon!  Yea like we need reminding of that.   Just walk around for 5 minutes and you know!   Now baby is still growing and putting on more cute baby fat.   Your doctor may check your cervix to see if anything is going on.  Remember that no matter what you could meet your baby soon or in several weeks.  I've been 2 cm for 3 weeks before and I have also had mom's who were not dilated at all and had their babies in days after the exam.  You really just never know and that's ok!  I know you're anxious to meet this little one but your body knows what it is doing, trust it.  

You are certainly more tired now, doing anything is like running a marathon which I would know nothing about but it's what I would feel certain is right up there.  My hips and pelvic area are in pain or feel like they may break in half most days and sleeping is more difficult than it ever was.  Oh and you will start getting the dreaded phone calls from everyone asking when the baby is coming.  I like to just tell everyone that the baby is staying put until May and not to get their hopes up.  This is also partly my hope but also gets everyone off my back so if I do have contractions no one knows!  

If you haven't already it's time to pack a bag for the hospital.   I haven't done this and probably should...  I am procrastinating since I have had no signs as of yet.  I did manage to get the baby's stuff pulled out and put on the dresser so next step is getting all of my things and putting them in a bag.  I'll talk about what I am packing in my next post!  For now I need to go take a quick nap and finish sewing a blanket.
Have a great day!!