Monday, April 14, 2014

38 weeks - We all want the same thing

At 38 weeks you have made it 1 week past full term and 2 weeks away from your due date.  These are all estimates and no one knows when baby will be here unless you have a schedule c section.   At this point doctors won't talk about induction and you are just sitting I limbo and no matter if you are a first time mom or like me and it's not your first rodeo, we all think the same thing, when?

38 weeks and baby is the size of a celery bunch or at least as long as.  He or she is around 19 and a half inches and 6 and a half to 7 lbs on average.  Remember your baby could be smaller or bigger these are just the average.  You have already started going to the doctor once a week and he or she has started to check you for cervical dilation.  So let's talk about your cervix.

Every doctor measures diffHuerently,  this is not an exact science.   There isn't a ruler they use to give you exact measurements however based on years of practice they all have their standard rule of thumb so to speak so if you happen to be in a practice like I was with my first two where you rotate doctors you will more than likely get different answers each time.  This can be frustrating but keep in mind the difference between 1 cm and 2 is so slight that it's basically comparing the size of a cheerios to a small fruit loop.  Yes there is a difference to the eye but using your hands blind isn't as easy to tell.  So when you go in and think yay, I'm 2cm, and then a week later you get a different doctor and sudden you're 1 to 2cms.  Also you can walk around for months at 2cms....  yes you can and I don't say that to discourage you but to keep your grounded in reality.

I was 2cm with Noah, child #2, for over 6 weeks.  

I was worried but then I was upset bc for aso long I worried about pre term labor and then the closer you get to full term the more discouraging it gets.  I know I say this a lot but enjoy the time you have left.  Remember that no matter how frustrated you are that once your baby is here time will fly by.  

So for all of you who think of course tthat's easy for you to say this is your 4th baby, no no my friends!  I am just as nervous, worried, and excited as you are!  I still wait every day thinking, will my water break with this one?   Will he be late?  Will he be healthy? 

Yes we all want the same thing, a healthy baby and the waiting around is not easy.  It's not easy no matter how many times you have done this.  

Have you packed your bag?  I finally did!   Here are the items in my bag, what's in yours??

Nursing bra
Nursing pj's
Baby's coming home outfit
baby blanket
Cloth diaper to wear home
My going home outfit
Granny panties (they are a necessity...)
Phone charger
Essential oils (peppermint, lavender,  thieves)