Saturday, April 19, 2014

39 Weeks - I am an oversized watermelon

We have finally hit 39 weeks!  One week until your EDD,  or estimated due date.  Remember that term??  Yes none of really do and the most annoying is friends and family seem to forget that as well.  I am OK with this baby boy coming late however with his 2 vessel cord my doctor really doesn't want me going past my due date.  This has me on edge...  I'm nervous about him coming and not really about the birth although I am nervous about that too but mostly about adding another one to the mix.  

Yes, kinda dumb to worry about that now since he is coming sooner or later!

39 weeks means I have one week or if I am induced I have until April 24th.  There are risks I am weighing and ultimately baby comes first.    Will he be OK is the biggest worry...

This is the longest time I have ever been pregnant!  Not much is different except for being more uncomfortable,  swelling, and impatiently waiting.  It's the longest time in pregnancy because you know it's almost over but being so large and uncomfortable makes it feel like forever!  So put your feet up!  Baby will be here soon!! 

But for me.....

I can't believe the time has come!  I am ready, my bags are packed and everything has been arranged.  I can't promise I will update the blog soon after but I will make sure to update you all soon!!

Baby Ryan, we can't wait to meet you!