Sunday, August 14, 2016

Moving is hardest on the Stay At Home Mom

Let me tell you something about being a mom and MOVING!  You think it's going to be hard because the packing and unpacking or let's be selfless and worry about how the kids will transition school and miss their friends.  I'm here to tell you that all of that sucks.  It's not easy but we get through it and suddenly your kids have 15 friends coming in and out of your house after a week of being in your new location but what about us?  You know us mom's???

Well we leave our friends.  Our support group when child blah blah is being a brat or testing our patience.  Our support group who vent with us about how horrible our husbands are even when they aren't really that horrible but we sympathise together anyways. 

Yea, you leave that and try as you might, they will move on.  It's not anyone's fault but we get busy, we have kids!!!  Our schedules get busy because theirs do but what about that support group that's suddenly gone?  Girl, it's going to suck.  You maybe a lucky one and some of your support group you can call and keep in touch with for a time.  You also maybe lucky enough to move closer to an old friend but for those of us that move away from all of that and to a place unknown you can bet it's going to be hard.

We don't go to school and meet friends instantly.  We spend 15 minutes maybe volunteering at school talking to another adult for a small percentage of that time and that's not enough time to make friends.  You say hello to the moms you see on a weekly basis at whatever activity or sport your child is involved in but you go home and miss girls night out.

This is a time in our lives where making friends with fellow mom's is just plain hard to impossible.  You have to focus on your kids and even if you connect with someone they may have their own support group and making new mom friends just isn't on their list.  So we suck it up, focus on our kids and try and wash our hair more than once a week.

Mama said their would be days like this but you just cannot quite understand until you are walking in those shoes.  Eventually you will find friends.  You will connect somewhere or with someone.  You will find your place, or you maybe mom and wife and pray that changes down the road.  Either way, there is a group out there rallying you on.  I'm here reminding you that even though it sucks, there is light at the end of the tunnel, this too shall pass and what not.

I'm not at that place so I'll sit in misery with you holding the bottle of wine pouring you another glass.