Monday, August 22, 2016

Dear Picky Eater Child

I love you in so many ways, although lets be real here.  I don't always like you.

You are my 3rd child and from early on you were a picky eater.  You use to love chicken nuggets from Chickfila and occasionally you would eat grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, and really most things I made for dinner.  You turned 2 and that all changed... You decided that you didn't like most things but thankfully still retained your love of fruit and yogurt.

You are now almost 5 and the food issues have only grown. I made you special mini pancakes that look like the mini muffins you love but what did you do?  You took one look and realized they didn't look like your mini pancakes so you refused to even try them...  30 seconds later you asked me for real mini pancakes. 

No, NO, NO!!!

You gag when trying anything new, pitch a fit and cry if I ask you to take was small bite of anything beyond your special list of foods.  While I am so glad that you aren't that kid that only eats French fries and ketchup, I am tired.

From your mama who loves to cook, you exhaust me. 

I do still love you, but sometimes, I really don't like you. 

Once I have reached my breaking point you kindly  say in the sweetest voice possible, "mommy?"

"Yes child of mine, whom I am not sure where you came from?"

"Mommy I love you, a thousand times"

(Deep breath) "I love you too monkey, forever and ever"