Monday, April 14, 2014

Maternity Family Pictures - 38 Weeks

I never really liked maternity photos.

I don't know why, maybe because I think a lot of the couple shots are cheesy and then we were newly married and didn't have the money.  My wedding photographer although amazing is really expensive then you add a second child a little over a year later and of course we weren't planning on any added expenses.   Once Evan came along I thought well I haven't done anything for the first two so why do something now.  I did get some pictures done when Evan was a baby but besides that we have never really done family pictures, maternity pictures, or even newborn pictures. 

This time it was the end, we knew he would be our last baby.  I wanted to capture it but still hesitated spending the money.  Let's face it, we will have 4 kids!!!  We have to pinch pennies!   So a wonderful friend who did some family pictures of us a couple years ago for my mom's birthday offered to do them for me.  She is amazing and juggles 2 kids!  I can barely write a blog post once a week and my 2 oldest are in school!   She has a 2 and a half year old and a new baby!!  

Have I mentioned how awesome she is??

Check her out on Facebook, DiPietro Photography.

It took us some time to find a time to get together but this past week we met at a local park and proceeded to have a great time showing her how crazy have 3 boys was.  I had to sucker the hubby out there because being posed just isn't his thing.  I even left out all of the cheesy stuff because I don't like it plus I knew he would HATE it.  We played in the water and mud at times but after I was so excited to see them!  I've only been able to see a few but so far I love them!! 

When Iit comes to family pictures of maternity pictures here are a few of my tips.

1.  Be yourself - Don't try and mimic someone else.  Let the photographer capture your family and all of its craziness.  My boys aren't good at poses and we'll neither is my husband but if you try and be relaxed and go with whatever your kids are doing it will be much easier.  Plus you get genuine photos and not cookie cutters.  I like looking back and seeing my kids being themselves even if they aren't doing exactly what they were suppose to be doing.

2.  Don't dress to impress - we are a laid back family and I wanted the clothes we wore to reflect that.  So we are in what we would typically wear to a family BBQ.

3.  Find a photographer who likes to work with kids - You can tell when photographers are annoyed with your kids.  So find one that has kids and understands that sitting still for 3 boys is not fun and takes work.

4.  Have fun! - We played in the water, in the mud, and threw rocks in the river.  My husband wasn't too thrilled with the mud or water but I brought a towel and a change of clothes.  They loved it and made for great pictures.

Here are some of the amazing pictures she took!

My spouse is a goober...

Love my monkey boys!

My absolute favorite so far!  My boys and me!