Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two Weeks Old - Mama said there would be days like this

We are two weeks in...

Two weeks to adjust to 4 kids...

Let me make one thing clear, I asked for this and I am in no way saying I am not up for the challenge BUT the adjustment is hard.

Hard doesn't even come close to the right adjective.  It's brutal, emotional, and tiring both mentally and physically.  I feel fit to be institutionalized at times.

I think every mom feels this but when you are adding a newborn, trying to recover from child birth, helping the other kids adjust, and every other motherly responsibility is like trying to balance 100 China plates on the end of a broom stick...

On the night Ryan turned 2 weeks old we had our first evening alone.  I was nervous and quite honestly ready to go hide in a closet.  Ryan has terrible reflux and spits up 4 to 5 times after most feedings and every evening he gets fussy, not screaming like colic but crying, whimpering and refuses to sleep.  So add that to homework, dinner, bed time routine, and a 2 year old who screams and stomps at everything oh and did I mention he's still potty training? ?

Can you see why I was nervous?  

Ryan wasn't too bad, Evan had a poop accident or more tried to poop on his own and just ended up with half in the toilet, half on the floor and all over his legs, Noah went off with some kid he rides the bus with without asking and beyond the boundary that he is suppose to stay in (he's currently grounded btw), and bed time which was a whole other insanity.

Long story short, Evan is ready for his big boy bed which is currently in boxes in my hallway.

Even with all of that we made it through and I enjoyed a glass of wine after hubby got home at almost 10 pm and of course wanted me to watch the NFL Draft which him.  Then to just top off the crazy night this morning was Ryans 2 week check up.  I showered, realized I was running late, got Evan dressed and then dealt with him refusing to put on shoes.  Then I fed Ryan and while I fed him I changed his diaper then he pooped everywhere!!!  I mean all over the place and in the middle of that Evan came back in from getting his shoes only to show me that he had gotten in my purse and tried to put on mascara....  yea...  we were late to the Dr.

I also found another surprise on the carpet...  He dumped this velvet powder from a nail kit all over the carpet.

After being at the Dr for an hour it was time to run errands.  At this point I was close to tears.  I don't tend to be an emotional person and crying isn't something that happens that often but I was fighting them back.  Conners birthday is on Sunday so I needed to go get his presents and to Sams.  I had a couple other small things to do but after the first two I was done.  I was also crying while going through the drive through to get lunch.

My emotional dam had broken....

I took the time to ignore my house and everything I felt like I was failing at and just spent Evans nap time snuggling with Ryan.

It's been two weeks, I give myself credit for having hair on my head and not crying every day.  It will take time for a house of 6 people to adjust.  I fully accept that and thankfully I have an amazingly patient spouse who even when I am wrong and yell like a lunatic just because he apologized for me having a hard day (yes this happened) simply says I wasn't mad after I apologized.  Seriously this man is a saint sometimes.  I mean I am no peach to deal with.  -insert winky face here-

So for all of you mom's out there, we all deal with our own insanity!  Hang in there!!!  You are not alone!!!