Wednesday, February 5, 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant - Confession Time

Hi!  My name is Amanda and I am 28 weeks pregnant!  This is my 4th boy!  Yes 4th!  We are pretty good at making boys and really they are pretty darn cute so why not keep making them, right?!?
 This is all three boys about a week ago when we had a rare snow fall.
Conner 6, Noah, 5, Evan 2
All three boys around 4 months old!  Conner bottom left, Noah top left, Evan right

Ok, ok, enough bragging, but really they are adorable.  So now I am 28 weeks pregnant with #4 and I am trying really hard to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy since it's my last.  See, and now comes confession number 1...

I hate saying this is my last pregnancy...  I always wanted 4, never really saw myself with more and hubby had a hard enough time getting on board with #4 it seems impossible to get him on board with more.  So why is it so hard to to say this is the end??  My guess is because its final, the end, done and I get that no we are not making permanent changes to make sure there are no more and accidents happen but we all know that those are not a guarantee.  More than likely we are done...  I cannot seem to wrap my head around that yet.

Confession number 2!  

I am so scared to not be working at all after this baby comes.  For 7 years I have worked part time in some way and now that we will have two in school and 2 at home we can't afford the daycare and baby sitting costs.  As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago I get bored and find crazy things to occupy my time with.  Work helps with that :)

I have a few things planned so I don't go crazy, like preschool at home for Evan, which I am planning via Pinterest!  BTW have I mentioned lately my insane obsession with Pinterest??  

Check out my page totally devoted to homeschooling Evan with Preschool! 

Confession number 3!

I am not coaching cheerleading and I hate it...  I have no way around it because even coaching part time isn't financially a possibility.  We always said it wasn't about the money and it really wasn't and still isn't but there comes a time when you have to put your family above your own dreams.  The reality was we would be pouring money into me coaching and not getting much back.  God gave me 7 wonderful seasons with so many girls that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and made memories that will last a lifetime so it's hard to let go but as they say when God closes a door he opens another so don't stand there banging on the closed door.  Being 28 weeks pregnant probably doesn't help the emotions of this...

Confession number 4!

I eat cream cheese icing on a daily basis...  No seriously!  I keep craving it...  It's really really bad...
I make it from scratch, it's yummy, and I eat it by the spoonful.  Calling all pregnant women!  It's OK to give in to your cravings from time to time!  No really, don't eat for 2, your really just eating for one and a half, but come on give in!  

Pregnant women are told over and over be fit, eat healthy, don't eat this, don't eat that and I totally stand by the eating healthy, eat small meals, and drink lots of water but don't be so hard on yourself when your body is craving something.  ENJOY BEING PREGNANT!  

Ok off the soap box!  :)  I think I am done with my confessions for now!  I love being pregnant even if I have a pinched nerve in my right hip, and I'm uncomfortable most of the time, and grouchy...  BUT there is a BABY growing inside of me and the boys love him already.  Evan kisses my belly and tells the baby to move then pulls my shirt back down and says, night night baby.  Conner and Noah come up with names like Diego Stanley, not sure where they get them from but they try.  Being 28 weeks pregnant knowing that the end is getting closer is so exciting and so scary at the same time but for now I will just keeping being in the moment and loving every  moment of it.

Amanda has left the building!