Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pregnancy Craving Adventures!

Lets face it, we as pregnant mama's get cravings.  They tend to vary from pregnancy to pregnancy but we all get them.  Even if you are thinking, "No, I don't really have cravings", I bet you are wrong.  You may not have an attack of midnight pickle attack but there are different levels of cravings in my experience.  This pregnancy I have racked up the pregnancy craving adventures unlike any other pregnancy so far.

Do you see this little piece of Heaven?!?!?  This is my pregnancy craving...  It's my absolute downfall and yet makes the back pain fall to the back ground for the 10 minutes or so it takes to savor every bite.  It is also what caused me to cry, yes full out cry, in my car at 9:45 pm last night with my best friend.  My mission when leaving the house however was to run to the store for caffeine free Pepsi, also a serious craving, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.  On our way there Abby mentioned chocolate cake which immediately made me think of McAlister's Chocolate Lovin Spoon Cake.  Since we were already in the car I decided to change course and stop by McAlister's  before they closed at 10 in order to stock up on cake.  So we waltz in ready to put the employees at ease by telling them we were ordering to go and would not require the kitchen to make anything!  If you have ever worked in a restaurant this is wonderful news to hear.  

As I am placing my order for 4, yes 4, pieces of cake the poor unknowing employees apologizes and tells me that they are currently out of my beloved cake...

Dreams...  crushed.....

I am devastated and she feels terrible...  Abby buys her 2 cookies and we leave, sad pregnant woman holding back tears as she continues to apologize.  Once back in my car I am crying, literally tears pouring from my eyes because of cake.  I start the car and proceed to pull out while Abby tries to make me laugh as she watches the girl who gave us the devastating news to another employee when suddenly Abby tells me to stop!  Now, you cannot get a pregnant girls hopes up, it's just wrong!  However I turn to see the poor girl running to the door and to my car to tell me she was wrong that they actually DO have my cake!!!  NO JOKE PEOPLE!!!!  

5 minutes later I am back in my car with 4 pieces of yummy cake and $17 poorer which I knew was the only thing my husband was going to care about.  He didn't even chuckle at my crazy embarrassing pregnancy moment....  It was slightly heartbreaking but I am off subject again.  

These are not healthy options, they are my cravings that I really only have once a week as a splurge but like I have said many times before, sometimes it's ok to splurge.  Enjoy your pregnancy, embrace your crazy pregnant woman dying to get out, and try not to care too much what other people may think.  I say this last part mostly because showed up to McAlister's in sweatpants, glasses, my hair in a bun, ballet shoes and a tshirt.

Pregnancy can be awesome because you get away with things like this.  :)