Monday, February 24, 2014

A Trip To The ACTUAL Zoo

I live in a zoo, there is an awful lot of poop, feedings, and animal games.  I cannot go a few hours much less an entire day without talking about poop.  I bring this up in conversations with other mom friends as well and feel guilty that I am always the one that turns a conversation from interesting to poop.  When you have 3 boys plus a husband though the topic just comes up quite often especially since Evan (2YO) is potty training.  So from time to time we like to visit the actual zoo!  This great place where I don't have to clean up the poop or feed the poor caged animals!

Side note - Isn't it sad to see these animals in tiny spaces??  The tigers and lions are use to so much space but they are stuck in a habitat the size of a studio apartment compared to the large amounts of space in Africa.  I am in no means an animal activist but it makes me sad from time to time to see them in there.

Darien works most Saturday's so we woke up at 6:30 am as usual because at 2 Evan doesn't understand sleeping in.  The day was already beautiful and would only get better so I decided we would take advantage and have some mommy and boy time at the zoo.  I thankfully packed extra pants and underwear because of course we aren't there 10 minutes before Evan wets his pants.  I blame myself a bit for this because he told me in the car but after the walk to the zoo (I was not the only one with this grand idea) standing in line for the zoo and then we went on the carousel since it was right in front of the entrance, he held it for a bit longer than he should have and my pregnancy brain forgot.

Trip to the bathroom later and we were back at wandering around the zoo.

Noah and I on the Carousel

Posing in front of the crocodile

Can you tell Conner refused the take pictures?  Evan and Noah however love to say CHEESE!

Finally forced him to take a picture!

Fun times on the train!

 After almost 3 hours at the zoo and closer to lunch time we decided to leave and pick up lunch on the way home since the crowd was getting crazy!  It was a really fun day with just me and the boys before #4 arrives!