Tuesday, February 18, 2014

30 Weeks Pregnant - Oh my aching back!

One of the worst things for my ego that my doctor just told me was "Oh it's not in your head it's just that you are getting older and you have had 3 babies already".  WHAT?!?!

Being 30 weeks pregnant I wanted to kick him right there on the table but I refrained and just said "Well that's not very reassuring..."  Just so you know I was asking about the hip pain and intense pressure going on in the pubic bone area and the fact that this baby boy is sitting extremely low.  The other 3 boys stayed high until around full term.

I am officially 30 weeks pregnant and my back hurts.  It hurts when I sit, stand, and lay down.  I cannot get comfortable and yet I have 10 more weeks left, give or take.  It's really exciting that by the end of this week I will be 31 weeks and down to single digits!  So what happens at 30 weeks?  Like haven't already read 3 different apps or websites telling you exactly whats happening right now.  Come on, be honest!

Shirt: Gap Jeans: A Pea In A Pod

So currently baby boy is about 16 inches long from crown to rump, or top of the head to his tiny little bottom.  (Insert huge grin here :)) He or she (if you are having a she) weighs about 3 lbs!  Basically your baby is perfect and at this point is just gaining fat and preparing for birth.  He or she is the size of a large cabbage, vegetable references yet again.  You won't look at that cabbage the same now when you walk down the produce isle.  Go to your local grocery store and hold a large cabbage next to your belly and if anyone gives you a strange look just smile and wave like the crazy pregnant lady you are.  We are all crazy lets face it.

Now that you know what your baby is doing let's talk about what's going on with your body.  At 30 weeks pregnant you are gaining more weight as your baby gains more weight.  Which means your bladder is being squished more if you didn't already notice that.  You will notice more back pain and that getting comfortable is much more difficult so when you find a nice comfy spot, REFUSE TO MOVE!  No, seriously...  This is easier said than done if you have kids, work, or generally have more to do than just sit down in one place but do yourself a favor and savor the moment when you find it.

Generally at this point everything is cumbersome and will just get increasingly so.  I recommend splurging for a maternity massage!  (rolling your eyes right now aren't you?)  My wonderful hubby arranged one for me for Valentine's Day and it was marvelous.  We have a new place specifically for pregnant mom's and they are so much better than the places that say they are maternity experts.  I left feeling rejuvenated and longed to win the lottery so that I could get one every day!  Big dreamer right here people!

Just remember, although your back hurts, you pee every 5 minutes, heartburn is rearing its ugly head, and you maybe forgetting things (pregnancy brain is real!) enjoy it!  You will be welcoming a new baby into your life soon and your lack of sleep now will turn into serious lack of sleep plus leaky boobs, dirty diapers, and baby cries.  It will be wonderful but there will be days you long for that sweet baby to be back in your safe tummy.  Find ways to really love and enjoy your pregnancy!

31 weeks here I come!