Monday, February 3, 2014

A Not So Granola But Maybe Crunchy Mom

What is a not so granola maybe crunchy mom?  Me, of course!

Ok, ok, I can explain...

I am not a hippy by any means.  I like my leather boots and the gas mini van I have the pleasure of toting my boys around in.  So when I hear the word crunchy or granola I think hippy, green, tree hugger, or whatever other term you can think of.  I do drink organic milk and honestly if I could get raw milk I would drink that instead and I buy organic fruits, veggie and meat when I can but beyond that I haven't done much in my life to be considered a granola mom. So why am I now all of a sudden giving this a try?  Honestly, it could be another on of my feats of fancy that I try out and see if I can stick with but another part is that a big part of me is a crunchy mom.

I like giving my kids natural medicines instead of antibiotics. A friend introduced me to essential oils which I was very skeptical about so of course I got onto Google and researched them.  I ended up finding them cheaper on Amazon because really whats not cheaper on Amazon??  I've mainly used eucalyptus oil to treat colds and coughs so far but its worked!  I think I have even gotten hubby on board!  He always takes a bit more convincing.

I want to be able to use natural ingredients to clean my house and not only because its cheap but because I have 3 boys and oddly enough they want to help clean sometimes and if I can barely stay in the bathroom with all of the chemical smells why would I want them too?  Cleaning with orange infused vinegar and baking soda cleans just as well without all of the harsh chemicals and did I mention the orange smell!  It's AMAZING!

We are having another baby in April and although I have been tempted during the 3 previous pregnancies I never got on the cloth diaper train.  Thanks to a wonderful friend who has given me loads of information and turned me into a bit of a cloth diaper monster I am so ready to get started when this new baby boy is here!  Again I have done tons of research, asked my trusty cloth diapering friend advice on specific diapers, and channeled the wonder of Pinterest!

There are a couple things I am attempting to try but so far haven't totally gotten on board with the "No-Poo" idea but I am willing to try other ideas which is why I give myself the title of a not so granola but maybe crunchy mom. - Insert silly grin here-

Currently I am searching for new ways to be a not so granola but maybe crunchy mom on my Crunchy Mom board on Pinterest so if you get the urge to see what I am up to Follow Me!