Monday, February 10, 2014

A Day In the Life - It's A Case Of The Monday's

I have started writing this post 3 times and yet nothing seems right.  I am scattered this morning and I blame it on being a case of the Monday's.  We are back to our routine of wake up early, getting ready for school, toddlers playing, try to get things done during the day, lunch, dinner, homework, and bedtime routine.  Being a mom to boys means mess upon mess...

I avoid sweeping over the weekend because they are coming and going inside and out dragging in dead grass, dead leaves, and tons of dirt.  I typically sweep every morning and night which comes up with so much dirt you would think I hadn't swept in weeks.  So when the weekend comes I would be sweeping 4 to 5 times a day...  That is SOOOOO not going to happen.

Of course Monday comes and it's driving me nuts so I sweep, start laundry that has piled up over the weekend, and clean bathrooms because of course none of them can lift the seat much less aim in the actual toilet bowl.  I really miss real coffee on Monday mornings...

Just one cup of caffeine would be amazing!

Alas, I am avoiding too much caffeine and decaf although warm doesn't cut it.

Today is my 29 week check up at the OB!  Highlight of my morning because hubby is coming home to watch the kids so I can go alone.  Makes it so much nicer!

Speaking of my appointment, I need to get moving and finish some more laundry before I go.  I will leave you with these silly pictures that Noah and I took last night.  We are special, that pretty much sums it up.

Have a great Monday!

Noah likes to talk to the baby and tell me how big the belly is.

We also love silly faces :)

I like to munch on his hair...  Not really we are just goofy :)