Saturday, February 22, 2014

31 Weeks - 9 Weeks To Go?!?!

(Ignore the blue tape - hubby was painting behind me)

There are days I truly feel like I am racing to the finish line and then others days where I am the turtle in the "Tortoise and the Hare".  Either way I know I will make it to the finish line but now I am 31 weeks pregnant I some days I am the hare, running pretty fast, taking a nap, and getting side track by the random snacks along the way and then days like today where I am the tortoise, slowly but surely taking my time keeping my eye on the finish line watching everyone else rush by me.

Maybe I have derailed and you are completely lost and can't figure out how my analogy compares to pregnancy but this is also why I can be the Hare in this story because I hop off track to little rabbit trails full of random stories or side notes.

Side note - I am a Pinterest Addict

Double side note - I get side tracked quite often...

Now that I am 31 weeks pregnant not much has changed since last week.  Friday was a prime example of how most of this week went.  My back was especially painful, the kids were making me want to pull every hair off of my head, and by 7 pm while we were all piled in my bed watching The Little Mermaid (I kid you not!), I was ready to just go to sleep and wake up with the new baby here already.  The baby leggings and more cloth diapers that I got in the mail probably didn't help in this either.  I guess we all have those days right?

Ok back to the point, 31 weeks pregnant!  That week flew by!  I haven't mentioned this before but my brother closest to me (2 and a half years younger) and his wife are expecting their first baby boy a week before me so we like to remind each other how far along we are.  Anyways at 31 weeks I have gained 10 lbs!  Yea I know right, doesn't seem like much but I was 10 lbs heavier than I should have been prior to getting pregnant, lost 10 lbs in the first trimester from being sick so technically I have gained 20 lbs but I don't really like to think of it that way.

Baby is a little over 16 inches long from head to heel, and weighs a little more than 3 lbs!  My little pregnancy app compares him to asparagus currently.  Cabbage last week and now asparagus?!?!  Does this make any sense to you?  Back pain also maybe more intense...  Yes, thank you, I knew that but I just really didn't realize it truly until I read it in your little app!  Sarcasm is my specialty if you haven't noticed this before.

If you haven't noticed this already you may have a little bit of nipple leakage, aka colostrum.  This is normal and could have been happening for weeks now as it has for me.  If they are leaking more than you are comfortable with you can purchase breast pads to protect your clothes.  Make sure you change them often if you are leaking to avoid yeast.  Also if you want to know more about nursing check out my previous post here!

As always, try and enjoy every moment of the last 9 weeks or so!  I promise I am trying most days not to rush this last pregnancy.  Please enjoy the random outtakes from asking my darling husband to take a picture for the blog.  (He was painting and wasn't thrilled that I made him stop, TOO BAD SO SAD!)  Love you darlin :)

Last side note - he never reads the blog unless I force him to so let him know that I don't talk bad about him on here.  :)