Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5 Reasons Why Raising Boys Is Awesome

Have you ever heard someone ask a mom of boys the incredibly annoying question of "will you try again for a girl?"  This is the hardest question to keep my actual thoughts to myself.  I want to yell "What exactly do you mean??"  Are boys not good enough?  Are girls the end all, be all of children?  Don't get me wrong I wanted a girl, but not because I wanted equal amounts of each sex.  I wanted a girl because I was the only girl growing up in a house full of boys.  I have three brothers and I love them all but I always wanted a sister.  So a girl to me was the sister I never got but I was wrong to want that.  Not wrong per say just misguided in my thinking.

I always wanted a boy first because along with a sister I always wanted a big brother to protect me growing up.  I am not really sure why but I did.  So when Conner came along I was thrilled!  When we got the pleasant surprise that we would be having another boy 15 months after Conner again I was thrilled!  #3 was a little more difficult to handle.  I was crushed that we were having another boy and my dreams of a little girl were gone.  I loved Evan and felt terrible during my pregnancy when I would cry while watching a little girl with butterfly wings walk by.  When I got pregnant with #4 I told everyone who asked that after having 3 boys you can't decide to have a 4th expecting it to be a girl.  However I was still crushed when I found out it was another boy and not because I hated raising boys.  I LOVE LOVE raising boys!  After taking a few weeks to cry, be angry, and generally mope around I finally had that light bulb moment.

The light bulb moment when you realize all of those things you have been dreaming, worrying, and toiling over were not worth the time.  

So I sat down and wrote the 5 top reasons why I loved raising boys.

1.  Boys are dirty!  Not just muddy but they don't care when they fall down in the mud, they treasure it.  Do you know how incredibly easy going this makes boys?!  They aren't concerned when they rip their jeans, muddy their shoes or generally find every way possible to get covered head to toe in dirt.  If you don't like dirt, sorry.  I love that they are so easy going.  I love that the jeans that they rip holes in are just basic jeans and have no expensive details.  I will never forget my uncles story of spilling pizza on my beautiful flower girl dress when I was little.  This is NOT something we have to worry about.

2.  Boys don't bring drama.  I should know, I coach high school cheerleaders.  The most dramatic my boys have been is figuring out who hit whom with the plastic sword.  This happens quite often and they end up on top of the fridge in time out, the swords not the boys.  I watch my friends with their daughters and listen to the stories they tell and think, thank goodness I have BOYS!

3.  Boys have awesome toys!  I guess this depends on what you consider awesome but I love sports and we have a so many soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, tennis balls, and unfortunately golf balls in the garage than I can keep up with.  They love trucks and cars which you can find everywhere!  I could take them to a construction site and they would be happy.  This makes free outings very easy.

4.  Clothes are NOT fussy.  The boys could be dressed in a paper bag and not care.  This is the one thing I was sad about when I didn't get to buy the cute girly stuff and the headbands with the pretty flowers but that adds up and its just and accessory!  The boys need socks, one pair of shoes, pants and shirts.  That's it! ONE PAIR OF SHOES!!!  Actually they have 3 pairs, sandals, tennis shoes, and cleats.  This is compared to the 10 or more pairs that I own.  I do get frustrated buying 20 pairs of jeans because a couple months after use they get holes in the knees but this doesn't seem so bad when I add up the costs of what I would spend on one girl.

5.  Bodily functions and noises are treasured and not frowned upon.  I will be honest, this can be smelly...  I am not always thrilled with this but you cannot imagine how funny they think this is.  They crack up just hearing a noise that sounds like a fart.  We use the word toot just so you know.  This doesn't happen in public because well they aren't animals, close to it but not officially animals.  Also I realize this may gross some of  you ladies out but can you imagine how much you enjoy life when silly things like that make them laugh?

Just 5 minutes ago the Conner, the oldest, laughed for what seemed like 10 minutes over his loose tooth that was bleeding and were attempting to pry out. 


Blood isn't something that bothers me so yet again perfect fit!   Maybe I should rename this post, "why I am the perfect mom to raise 4 boys".

All of this being said, if you're a mom of all girl's I am sure you can give me a million reasons why you rock at that and why they are so awesome and those of you who have both have pro's and con's for each.  I guess the whole point of this is that we are moms and God blessed us with the perfect kids for us.  If you are anything like me the people that make those comments will end up regretting it because I am sure to make a snap comment about how wrong they are for asking something so silly. 

So keep on rocking moms!!!