Saturday, February 8, 2014

29 Weeks Pregnant - Time Is A Tricky Thing

I am officially 29 weeks pregnant!  My mantra is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  4th baby, 4th pregnancy and probably my last, no matter how uncomfortable I get or how annoying the reflux is (yes, reflux...) I am determined to remember and enjoy every last moment of pregnancy. 

It is very hard to take a selfie of yourself and the bump....

I can still see my toe from this angle!!!

Did I mention relfux...  I've dealt with heartburn, it's terrible but reflux is a different beast altogether.

I'll leave it at that so I don't scare you off!

OK so at 29 weeks pregnant this baby is the size of a butternut squash.  I don't know about you but I've never been a fan of comparing my baby to a veggie or a fruit.  I guess it's nice to know how big he or she is and a general size but at the beginning when you go from a lime to a lemon or a kumquat I start to wonder how big of a lemon are we talking here?  And where do I buy a kumquat to compare??  Butternut squash are a very strange shape and I think "my baby looks like a squash?!?!"  Yes I realize he doesn't look like it just size wise is close to it but next week he's the size of a head of lettuce...  These are similar sizes people!   Some lettuce are smaller than butternut squash!

Clearly I over analyze this...

So at 29 weeks pregnant you've got your back pain, some hip pain, possible constipation,  heart burn,  Braxton hicks,  lots of bathroom runs, and maternity pant slippage!

It's a real thing people!   

Maternity pant slippage is a serious issue...  After all of these years of fashion and women getting pregnant you would think they could fix this issue.  Even the $200 pair of jeans I have the exact same issue!  I didn't pay $200 by the way I got them second hand on Ebay which is quite honestly the most amazing invention next to Amazon.

You maybe having your baby shower soon which is going to be so fun!  It will make you so excited to see your baby in the cute clothes, fancy blankets, and cool stroller but DO NOT get ahead of yourselves!!  Enjoy these last few months!  Forget about the body aches, heartburn and possible pee leaking when you sneeze.  Yes I went there!  You know it's happened to you!   Wait until your on pregnancy #2 or #3, it will happen more often and you will look around wondering if anyone noticed which of course they didn't but you will wonder none the less if they can sense that you have peed yourself a little bit. 

No seriously,  you know it's happened to you, be honest.  

So after dealing with all of these "issues" your still 3 months give or take to seeing your baby.  Get a piece of cake, sit in the bath, and relax.  Remember how special this time is and although there are some challenges it's all worth it!  It's not only worth it, it's magical because you are growing a person in there!  A sweet,  beautiful person that will take all of your time, energy, and sleep in a matter of months.  So enjoy this part because it goes by so fast and so will the next few years. 

From one experienced mom to another enjoy every moment and savor it because soon you will look back and say I can't believe it all happened so quickly!