Tuesday, March 4, 2014

32 weeks Pregnant - Vacation Is Never A Vacation For Mom

Just arrived home after 7 hours in the car look :)

As you may have noticed we have been out of town on vacation this past week through the weekend.  I turned 32 weeks on Friday and with no internet I was sadly unable to post anything.  Since I cannot ski I was inside thd whole time which would have been a great time to blog!  I know you are crying right now with that little bit of news.  If not you should be, not really, clearly I have lost a little more of my mind the further along I get.  32 weeks pregnant and only 8 or so weeks to go!

Now that we are in the home stretch I will start talking about things you will need to know in the upcoming weeks.  What to pack for the hospital, things you will need to know about labor, what to expect after you have the baby and much more but for now I will stick with what's going on with me and baby #4.

32 weeks and baby is the size of bok choy.  What is bok choy and why do these apps and sites keep comparing babies to odd vegetables???  We have covered my feelings on this before but it still annoys me when I read it each week.  If you are like me and have no idea what bok choy is then lets just stick with the basics.  Your baby is about 4 lbs and around 16 inches long from head to heel.  You maybe experiencing braxton hicks which are totally normal.  Braxton hicks are irregular and typically not painful contractions preparing your body for labor.  They feel like they take my breath away and my stomach tightens but that's about it.  I get them around 5 to 9 times per day.  Real contrations will increase in frequency and will gradually get more painful.  If your contractions are timable and get more frequent call your OB.

Each week I get a NST or non stress test which monitors the baby's heart rate, movements, and contractions.  I get them because baby number 4 much like Noah, (my second) he has a 2 vessel cord.  This may cause low birth weight and can be a sign of a more serious condition but he has both his kidneys which basically means he is a perfectly normal baby just with 2 vessels instead of 3.  Noah was also fine but was born at 36 weeks so I am being monitored more carefully.  The NST showed a heart rate of 135 but he had several periods of decelerated heart rate so they sent me for an ultrasound.  Thankfully the ultrasound showed that he was fine, amniotic fluid was fine and other than the fact that he is measuering 3 weeks ahead he looks perfect.  Yes, 3 weeks ahead...  my kids have all been pretty normal sized with small heads so the fact that he is already measuring larger makes me a tad nervous.  At the end my OB told me to take it easy but with 2 toddlers I don't think that is going to happen.

My doctor told me to take it easy and not put too much stress on baby which he and I both tried not to laugh at since I am a mom of 3 boys.

Normally you would be going every 2 weeks at this point and switching to every week at 36 or 37 weeks.  I have been going every week since 30 weeks though which is a blast for the nurses in the office because I write little notes on the pee cups.  If you have to touch pee cups all day you may as well have a little note on them to make you laugh.  :)  This week said rain rain go away because it had been raining all morning and was making for a very sad and dreary Monday morning.  I was told to come up with something funny to ammuse the office since I come on Mondays.  So if you have any short pee jokes let's hear them!

33 weeks here we come!