Friday, March 28, 2014

36 Weeks - Almost To The End!

36 weekawesomeok, I put owith my sillp!!  I was having a "sad" day but mostly because I am so tired so I cleaned out my makeup bag and played with the eyeliner.  My husband loves it when I have makeup on and I don't really know how to feel about that but either way I win.

Baby is still head down, just floating there though so I am still holding onto the feeling that he is coming late.  I've had a couple contractions on and off but nothing I could time longer than a couple hours and not painful.  I am beyond exhausted which seems to get worse every week!  In 4 weeks time I may fall asleep standing in the grocery store.  I should put a sign on my back saying "If I look asleep just lay me down and cover me with a blanket, thanks!"

Too much?

36 weeks baby is a coconut!  Isn't a coconut smaller than a cantaloupe? ?  See back to the fruit analogy that makes no sense!!!  My cousins wife is 24 weeks and her app says her baby is a cantaloupe. ....  can we make a universal list for this??

Ok so back to the good stuff, baby is about 18.7 inches long and a little under 6 lbs.  Every week baby gets chunkier!  I love it!  Cute little baby fat!  Baby should be head down by now and is preparing for birth.  In one week we will be considered full term and if you go into labor the Dr. will not stop labor.  That being said,  you could still be looking at weeks of waiting.  I know doesn't sound fun but enjoy the time you have left.  As soon as that baby is here your life will change dramatically and you will share your baby with everyone, well family and friends but you get what I mean.  

These next few weeks start packing a bag, install the car seat, wash the baby clothes,and then relax!  You will then have the next few weeks to just enjoy everything!  

Our baby clothes are washed and will be put away this weekend.  The car seat however is still in the box in the garage...  I may need to get that out soon.  I am excited to enjoy the next few weeks even if I am falling asleep standing.  See you all next week!!

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Enjoy these family pictures with my silly kids and husband.  :)

We are awesome!  Noah was too good for us today and just wanted to watch The Croods.