Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Favorite Baby Products

There are so many baby products available today and if I was a new mom now I would have a hard time sorting through it all.  The fact is that every mom has an opinion of what is the best and what worked for their baby but it may not work for youso how do you decide what to register for??  So just to make it a litte less confusing I wanted to share my favorite baby products that worked for me.

Bouncy Seat

This is a mandatory item for me.  I regret selling the one I had for the first two but I was out of space and wasn't sure I could store it for 3 years or so.  Hoever I found something similar!  The brand is Boppy and can be found at Walmart but really anything that fits your decor and style is great as long as it bounces!  Most of these new bouncy seats wiill have other features but my kids never liked the vibrating part.   So why do you need a bouncy seat?  To put baby down of course!  We do a lot of baby wearing but there are times I need to put baby down and the bouncy seat moves throughout the house without being too bulky.  It also comes in really handy when you start to feed baby food.


Whether or not you are nursing it doesn't really matter a boppy is awesome!  If you are nursing a Boppy will be your best friend.  If you aren't nursing it will still be your best friend and keep your arms from falling off.  My niece is almost 5 months old and giving her a bottle kills my arms unless I have the Boppy or a pillow under my arm but she's worth it. :)  Baby can also sit in the Boppy letting her sit up a bit insead of just laying on the floor.
This is my niece hanging out in the Boppy at 4 months old.

No matter what baby is going to spit up a bit.  Every child is different and you can have a baby that spits up a little or a lot but either way you need something to wipe it up with.  This doesn't mean you need anything fancy.  I use to cloth tri fold diaper inserts, they are cheap and come in a large pack.  Now you can totally do without these and use wipes or whatever you have handy however remember with spit up also comes a gross smell and who really wants their blankets smelling like that?  

Most moms will not go this route but never fear they have an infant seat as well.  With that said I love this product because of the ease of cleaning.  We had a Graco infant car seat with the first 3 boys but after 6 months they didn't fit in them very well.  Conner ended up getting a cheap Costco car seat which had little to no padding and was hard to clean.  With Noah we were given The First Years Convertible Car Seat and an infant seat made by first years as well.  I loved them!!!  The car seats are very safe first and foremost and they have quite a bit of padding but here is the best part...  ready for it???  THE COVERS SNAP OFF!!!  If you are a first time mom this may not matter to you yet but it will I promise!  In order to clean the cover for a Graco car seat you have to unhook everything to get it off then rehook it all.  Also to move the straps you must also unhook everything...  this is time consuming and annoying.  The First Years seats all snap off and in order to adjust the straps you simply pull a handle on both sides and adjust to needed height!  We have decided to skip the infant seat this time and just go straight to the convertible car seat so we bought a second one since Evan is still in his.

Yes you read that right, one of my top 5 is our bassinet.  It's nothing fancy but to me it is a life saver.  This is also a First Years product and I probably sound like and advertisment for The First Years brand but really I just happen to love a lot of their products.  I happened to register for this when I was pregnant with Conner and I am so glad I did.  So lets talk specifics; the bassinet piece comes off and has a handle to be carries through out the house.  When you take the bassinet piece off there is a changing table then on the very bottom there is a storacge space but these are not the best part for me.  On the bassinet there is a light that is just enough to see in the dark when I am nursing or changing a diaper but not enough to bother my sleeping husband.  It also plays music and vibrates but I don't use that as often.  The cover comes off or easy cleaning and the back comes up to an incline position and last but not least the bassinet folds up!!! We have taken his on numerous vacations which makes it even more lovely.  

Now there are other products that I use and love however none of which I use but not near as often as these top 5.  We have a pack n play which we used often when the kids got older but mostly when family visited and we needed their room or when I watched kids which is why it is in use right now.   I use paci's but these really are specific to each baby.  We loved the hospital paci but these don't work for every child.  The same goes for bottles, I spent more money than I wish to disclose in order to find something that worked for my kids and didn't cause nipple confusion which I am still unsure if it actually exists.  I think I spent way too much time worrying about it either way. 

Ultimately you will find what works for you and your baby.  I hope this helps one of you though!