Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby Names - Why Is It So Hard This Time?

At almost 33 weeks pregnant I am still thinking of baby names.  I don't get overwhelmed by this enormous decision.  Typically I know his name and feel very sure and yet Darien is always on the fence.  This time we have yet to really commit to our choice mostly because I am still on the fence...

People ask and ask but we both look at each other and never answer.  It's an awkward moment...  We both feel confident on the middle name as it's his dad's family name but then we get stuck on the first name.  Darien likes it more than I do but again I am just not sure.

With all 3 boys I knew their names as soon as I knew we were having a boy.  Darien took convincing on all 3 but eventually he came around and so we now have Conner, Noah, and Evan.  Baby number 4 however is being called baby. 

We are at almost 33 weeks and we still haven't even found middle ground on a name which is probably stressing me out more than Darien.  This baby boy will be here before we know it and we will have to come up with something we agree on otherwise he really will be named Baby, which maybe good for Dirty Dancing but not for a little boy.