Wednesday, March 19, 2014

34 weeks - Finally a Name!

This post is late...  technically I am 34 weeks 4 days but I have an excuse.  It may not be a very good excuse but non the less it is the only one I've got and you're just going to have to accept it!  So 34 weeks came and then the weekend overwhelmed with family trips to the zoo with the husbands childhood friends and their kids then lunch and of course we had to stop for ice cream.   Sunday my inlaws came and nothing got done then rain yesterday and it was just a good day to snuggle on the couch with my little 2 year old monster.  

See, all valid excuses!

So back to the point!  We have reached 34 weeks!  Baby is about 5 lbs and 17.7 inches long or the size of a cantaloupe.  
Yes I took a picture of the cantaloupes at my grocery store.  At least I didn't pose with it...  I mean I was going to but I couldn't get anyone to take it.  See, not crazy.

Your baby is gaining about half a pound of fat every week now!  This just makes me happy because there is just nothing better than chubby babies.  We also have only 6 weeks left!  6 weeks people! !!  This is actually very ok with me.  I wake up every morning to my alarm and then my lovely 2 year old comes barging in demanding anything and everything.  I keep thinking that when this baby comes everything that I am doing now will continue just with no sleep....  4 kids!  Why is this just now hitting me???  

Ok so after months of going back and forth we have decided on a name!  I am also not telling. We've decided to keep it under wraps until baby is here.  The one secret that I will be able to keep!  

Ok so I promise the 35 week update will be on time especially since it's only 3 days away!