Wednesday, March 12, 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant - Slowing It Down A Notch

This photo brought to you by 5 year old Noah who managed to take 10 pictures and this was the only one not blurry.  Also hilarious commentary brought to you by my wonderful Minnesota friend who also happens to be a photographer,  Christine

33 weeks pregnant with 7 weeks to go!  Last week was pretty rough for me and I am really hoping this week is less eventful.  On a really great note - BABY IS HEAD DOWN!!!!

Ok so 33 weeks pregnant and guesss what?!  He is the size of a pineapple which I assume means the whole plant not just the fruit or if you prefer, 17 inches long and 4.5 pounds.   I love that he is just gaining fat at this point and can't wait to squeeze those little cheeks!  My app likes to remind me that there is not much room left in there for baby, uh no really?!?  I thought the pounding on my hips and kicks to my ribs just mean the was doing jumping jacks and pushing off my ribs to clap my hips!  That's a pretty funny thought by the way.

This is the part of pregnancy where you get alien belly.  You no longer have a round belly at all times because with the shifting of the baby you tend to have a huge lump on the left then flat stomach on the right or basically it just contorts with whatever position baby decides to stretch into.

Do you have swelling??   This is normal unless it is mainly in your face and neck which you will want to call about.  I had to use a lot of soap and water to get my engagement band off the other day because of the swelling.  Thankfully I got it off and sadly it won't be coming back on until after baby is here just in case he flips again and I need a csection.

So what else is going on?  Well I am still on once a week non stress tests and have now added a second during the week which makes me stressed and hopeully not the baby.  I am trying not to worry about it but of course it's hard not to.  This Monday was the start of not watching the little girl any longer with will be hard on the bank account but easier on my back.  My clothes aren't really fitting any longer so I try not to leave the house and just stay in my sweat pants.  They are my best friend, why would I abandon them when they are so loyal to me??  Other than all of this I am tired, just plain tired.  I have been up for about 2 hours, of course it is only 8 am and I already want a nap...  Maybe I can convince Evan to hang out on the couch with me while I take on....

Well that about wraps it up!

Until next time ladies and gents!  34 weeks here we come!