Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Handmade Instagram Mamas

Instagram is a treasure trove of awesome hand made products!  I had no idea, until a dear friend from back in the awkward high school and middle school days, introduced me to her favorite Instagram mama's.  I was missing so much and it also hit home that I really am not creative like that.  I mean I can recreate things pretty well but coming up with something new that people actually want to buy is not my forte.  So as a mom I envy these moms that have found something that they can do in their spare time and work from home but I also want to support them!  I mean we are all moms so hy not buy from a fellow mom.

Melody over @melodyjoydesigns is that friend who I envy mostly for her free spirit and hippy ways but also because she is so darn creative!  She makes beautiful mama bird necklaces and rings, cowls, scarves, and men's hand stamped leather cuffs.  She also blogs, home schools her 2 boys, and has a beautiful little girl named Pheobe which is also awesome.  She then introduced me to my next favorite!

@jessicandesigns or as I like to refer to her as the girl who makes the wonderful spoons.  She sells stamped spoons!  They all have creative little phrases on them which just brightens my day.

@freshlypicked was just on Shark Tank but I have been a follower long before.  She makes baby moccasins that are to die for.  They are made of leather and are so precious on your toddlers little feet!  She is going places!

@betterlifebags or @rebeccasmithonline makes handbags and not just any handbags but amazing handbags that I drool over.  This is what I am currently saving for because one of these bags is made for me.  Did I mention that you can now design your own bag?!?!?  Ugh drool some more!  You can also find her at

If you are in the mood for personalized baby leggings or blankets then you have to visit @bocobaby.  Just look, no really, go now!  Not only are the leggins precious but look at the blankets!  The blankets are just adorable!  I am thinking this baby who still doesn't have a name needs one to come home in.  That is, IF we can decide on a name in the next few weeks.

I have also fallen in love with these blankets from @babyjackblankets.  These are sensory baby blankets that are made of minky fabric and have cute little tags for baby to gnaw on.  I wonder if I can get away with sleeping with them myself...  Ok not really but they are so soft!!

These are just a few of my favorites, what are your's???  I probably shouldn't ask since I am already addicted and have to keep explaining why I am making paypal purchase.  Maybe I should start selling my kids art work, it has to be worth something right?!?