Friday, March 14, 2014

Bed Time Stories - Confessions of a Tired Mom

At almost 34 weeks pregnant I am tired by the end of the night.  Most nights I tend to be hormonal and quick tempered.  My husband started realizing this at around 25 weeks and took over bed time routine so I could put my feet up and relax but that is easier said than done.  The boys tend to get riled up with dad putting them to bed so it's a mix of relaxing/wanting to take over and calm them down but this isn't a post about our night time routine it's my confession of a tired mom, and pregnant I might add.

So what is my confession?

I just don't want to deal with bed times.  I have done homework, dealt with the monster all day aka Evan the 2 year old terror, made dinner, cleaned the house, done laundry, and picked up toys.  So when 7:30 rolls around all I want to do is sit on the couch and cover my ears until the kids are asleep but then I had a bit of an emotional moment the other day reading a friends kind words on Facebook.  These moments are fleeting.  Your kids are only young for so long no matter how annoyed you may be or tired.  I captured this moment tonight while helping with bed time.  I have been putting the monster to bed for the past week because he hasn't gone to bed well after jumping around with his older brothers.

While sitting and watching my husband read to our boys I got emotional because no matter how tired I am, I am ultimately missing these moments and let's be honest, they will be gone before you know it.  There is also the fact that bed times go much easier and much more calmly when we are both doing them together.  That whole teamwork thing goes a long way!  

In the next few months I will have to go back to not helping as much simply because there will be a new little one that needs my full attention but I have learned my lesson.  I can't take the easy way out and miss these moments.  I also cannot expect my husband who has worked all day to do all of the work at bed time when he too has had a long day and just wants to sit down.  Life lessons, they can be a pain.  :)

Ultimately we as moms tend to do quite a bit and once in awhile need a break but don't make my mistake and get lazy.  I was making excuses because I just didn't want to deal with the hassle if I could pawn it off on my spouse.  I am sure it will happen again because well I am pregnant and pretty tired however I will make a point of making sure it's not too often but also that it is not for the wrong reasons.  Next post, mommy guilt, and how to deal with it.  :)  

34 weeks pregnant post coming soon and I promise it will go back to the snarky humor you have come to expect around here.